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Who are we and who is behind

Velonity.: Made to inspire. But where do we actually come from? Who is behind Velonity? We are VELONITY, a company of DF-Automotive GmbH. Already in 2006, Daniel Jonas and Felix Lemke (DF stands for their first names) thought: How can we sell tuning accessories in a simple and manageable way? These thoughts resulted in the first two shops of DF-Automotive being launched. We are now German market leader in the rims and tires industry. Our goal? To provide the best possible support and service selling rims, tires and complete wheels. So how do we do it? Simple, through a comprehensive and service-oriented offer. In 2020, we decided to go international and make our store available worldwide. Not just as a simply translated store, instead we want to create a country-specific shopping experience that our customers love to return to, an experience they will gladly tell their friends and acquaintances about. Since 2021, our Velonity wheel shops are online as well, in Danish, French, Swedish and English.

Tuning made easy

If you previously wanted tuning accessories, you had to go through confusing online shops, complicated payment methods and inconsistent offers. Fortunately, the world of online tuning looks better today. And DF Automotive is one company who took part in this development, because Daniel and Felix wanted to put an end to this market’s confusion. The company DF, which has its home base in Flensburg, now employs more than 120 people and is constantly growing. Together, we are a young and ambitious team that has set itself the goal of fulfilling the wishes and dreams of tuners. We offer you an up-to-date and comprehensive range of tuning accessories. In short: We optimize our online stores every day to make you feel comfortable. Shopping should be fun. How do we do this? For example, with our proprietary 3D wheel configurator and extensive databases - we like to do everything ourselves.

DF Automotive Flensburg goes international

We come from the up north. Flensburg is the northernmost city in Germany. In our home country we have already established ourselves in the tuning scene with our shops. We have made a name for ourselves in the industry with our DF wheels. But anyone who knows the northern lights knows that's not enough for us. We want more. In the international market, we're already looking forward to great response and close relationships with manufacturers across Europe. Our B2B team and our internationalisation department take care of new and existing collaborations and expansion into new territories. This allows you to reach us in a growing number of countries. And to make our stores even more personal, we offer you your own personalised experience with our range of vehicles and our wheel configurator. Plus, quality and longevity never go out of style with us.

Buying alloy wheels from Velonity - what goes on behind the scenes?

Safety is a top priority at Velonity

You have ordered from us in the wheel shop. But what does your order mean on our side? First of all, our customer service checks your order for accuracy. Do the sizes fit? Do the rims and tires match? Our service team is always there for you. We're happy to answer all your questions about rims and tires. Call or message us:

<p style="margin-left:36pt+49 461 43041520

We trust in stock

Your order will be processed. In our now more than 1200m3 warehouse space - and a DF campus in the pipeline - we not only store rims, but also one or maybe more chassis. Sports exhaust systems can also be found here. Keeping stock shortens the delivery time. And by the way: right next door is our in-house workshop, where we assemble our products for you on the spot. Just drop by (we don't bite).

Rims + Tires = Your perfect complete wheels

Did you know that at Velonity you can also choose quality tires from well-known brands for your new rims? We now have more than 8,000 well-known tires and rims up our sleeve. When you choose your vehicle, our webpage will immediately show you fitting tires. You can buy hot alloy wheels for summer, winter or all year round. Not sure? Then simply contact our wheel consultant service team.


Rims and tires become a complete wheel: 2 become 1

Have you ordered rims and matching tires? No problem. We mount the tires on the rims and balance the wheels correctly. It's all done by our trained workshop staff - professionals in their field. And the best part: we offer this service for free; you don't have to pay anything for it.

Velonity online - from the shopping cart to the front door

After we've packed the goods well and prepared them for dispatch, they'll arrive at your home. We deliver your order to your front or garage door - with DHL, GLS and DPD. Your rims or complete tires will give your car a splendid new shine. To coax a smile out of you, makes us happy.


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